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Medewerkers zijn de kracht van een onderneming. Zonder medewerkers geen draaiende onderneming.

Employees are the greatest assets of any business. Without them, operations would grind to a halt. However, employees also often represent the greatest cost item on the balance sheet. This is why it is so important to effectively record all employment relationships. What happens if my employees leave to work for a competitor or start up their own business? Which actions can I take and what are my legal options? Thankfully, employment law sets out the rights and obligations of both employers and employees. The employment lawyers at DVAN know how to interpret the relevant regulations and can help you apply them with optimal effectiveness.

Advice, negotiation & litigation
DVAN offers businesses advice and guidance on legal issues. Our employment lawyers will initially try to resolve any issues in mutual consultation. If these efforts fail, they will initiate the litigation process to protect your interests. Our services enable you to adapt quickly and flexibly to any organisational or legislative changes.

Maarten van Kempen, employment lawyer & partner: 'The employment lawyers at DVAN always act in the organisation's best interests while maintaining a human perspective.'

The employment lawyers at DVAN will record your intentions in writing in a legally binding manner and ensure that all agreements are met so that you can go about your business. Read more about common employment law subjects and issues.

Employment law

Read more about common employment law subjects and issues

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