Binnen de retailsector vinden grote, structurele veranderingen plaats.

The retail trade is one of the Netherlands' most crucial economic sectors, and is responsible for a great deal of employment and revenues. The retail sector is also characterised by a large number of entrepreneurs and family businesses. The sector is currently undergoing major structural changes, partly in response to new technologies and changing consumer behaviour.

The specialists in our retail sector team are familiar with the challenges you face on a day-to-day basis as a result of these changes. No matter whether you are grappling with the shift from physical stores to online sales, the development of new forms of collaboration or staffing and accommodation issues – our team can help you successfully navigate these challenges.

They will work with you to assess the issues or problems at hand – from e-commerce and privacy aspects to franchise and lease issues, to the expansion or reduction of your organisation's operations. They will apply their experience and expertise to develop practical & workable solutions, which you can then build on. 


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