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Valerie can offer assistance in the following areas:
  • Competition law
  • Commercial contracts (franchise, distribution, agency and licensing contracts)
  • Liability law
  • Intellectual property rights (including infringement)
Recent cases handled by Valerie

Premature termination of franchise agreement
Valerie recently supervised a major franchisor during negotiations with one of their franchisees. The latter party was seeking to prematurely terminate the franchise agreement. Major interests were at stake. The parties needed to reach an agreement on a growing 'backlog', and resolve the issue of the non-competition clause imposed on the franchisee. They eventually managed to resolve the issue through negotiations.

Attachment of assets during bankruptcy
A Dutch wholesaler became aware that one of its debtors was in danger of bankruptcy. The company then decided to retrieve the goods it had supplied under retention of title. When the debtor subsequently refused to comply, the wholesaler called in Valerie's services. Valerie requested permission to seize the goods on the basis of the wholesaler's general terms and conditions. The wholesaler eventually got its goods back as a result of her efforts.

Infringement of trademark and copyrights
Valerie assisted a major trading company seeking to take action against a trader that had infringed on its trademark and copyrights. In this case, she requested that the preliminary relief judge either prohibit the trader from selling the goods (ex parte order) or allow her client to seize the goods (seizure for surrender). As a result of these efforts, the trader eventually signed a cease-and-desist statement, effectively prohibiting him from trading the relevant goods in future.

Client testimonials

'Valerie is always open and direct, so you know what to expect and can avoid any misunderstandings or disappointments. Valerie assisted me on various matters, such as a case of fraud and the preparation of complex arrangements in which she proved to be instrumental in reaching agreements that were broadly supported by all parties. Her approach could be summarised as businesslike, competent and committed.'
Riemer Rijpkema, managing director at CLC-VECTA

'Valerie has successfully resolved various cases on our behalf. In addition to her expertise in the area of business law, she also has a wealth of experience and knowledge in other fields, and consistently brought in specialists from these areas at the right moment. She has a thorough approach and her recommendations strike a careful balance between feasibility, costs and benefits. I had the opportunity to watch Valerie at work in court, and was impressed by her knowledge of the case. During negotiations with other parties, she manages to safeguard our interests while maintaining a pragmatic and constructive approach.'
Rogier van den Esker, finance & ICT manager at Kruitbosch Zwolle B.V.

‘Vallei Autolease has built up a pleasant working relationship with DVAN, based on clear communications and an in-depth approach to each case. In addition to figuring out the general lay of the land, Valerie and her colleagues always strive to get a real grasp of the situation and understand the underlying motivations. This requires the ability to see things from the other party's perspective and takes a lot of energy. We really appreciate these efforts, and view them as a valuable investment in our continued cooperation.'
Willem Hardeman, Vallei Autolease

  • Association for Distribution, Franchise and Agency Law

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