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Ton can offer assistance in the following areas:
  • Shareholder disputes & corporate disputes
  • Attachment and execution law
  • Directors' and officers' liabilities
  • National and international trade disputes
  • Post-closing disputes
Recent cases handled by Ton

Guarantee claims following acquisition
Ton recently assisted the owner of an internationally operating insurance company during the financial finalisation of a complex acquisition by a major insurer. However, the acquisition – and, more specifically the definitive purchase price – resulted in various conflicts and guarantee claims between the buyer and the seller. The parties eventually managed to resolve the matter through negotiation without the intervention of the court.

Family business dividend policy
Ton is assisting multiple shareholders in a large family business during a heated dispute with other shareholders. The conflict concerns the company's dividend policy. Multiple proceedings have since been held, including interlocutory proceedings, a fast-track appeal, proceedings on the merits and inquiry proceedings at the Enterprise Division in Amsterdam.

Interlocutory proceedings by real estate company
Ton successfully assisted a Rotterdam-based real estate owner during a conflict with a real estate developer-owner of adjacent commercial properties. The conflict concerned the legality, nature and scope of various qualitative obligations that were key to the usage and thus to the value of several plots of land. The court ruled entirely in the client's favour during the interlocutory proceedings.

Client testimonials

‘Following an unexpected arbitration case in the wake of an acquisition, we realised we would be needing professional legal guidance. As the case was being fought on multiple fronts and looked like it was going to become a drawn out affair, I decided to bring in Tom's expertise and experience. Over the course of the arbitration process, which spanned several years, Tom's thorough knowledge of the case, commitment and – most importantly – his sheer determination helped us conclude the proceedings with positive results on nearly every front. It proved to be the start of a sold long-term collaboration.'
Jos de Nijs, Managing Director of Royal Roofing Materials BV

'Inter Building Group B.V. regularly works with Ton. He also helps us deal with complex large-scale issues. We're truly satisfied about his level of commitment and the quality of his work. He is also accessible outside of working hours. Ton is a highly reliable and competent counsel, and has frequently achieved positive outcomes on our behalf. He always meets his agreements, has high ethical standards and is never daunted by any case thanks to his insight and professional knowledge. We wholeheartedly recommend his services.'
Renée Nolting, managing director of Inter Building Group B.V.

'Ton previously offered Eurofins legal advice on various issues, including lease clauses, collection orders, shareholder issues and media affairs. His services are characterised by: 24/7 availability, rapid feedback, effective harmonisation on planned measures, prior consultations, a cost-concious approach, a willingness to help us explore options, transparency, all-round advice and problem solving ability. We enjoy our pleasant working relationship and value the opportunity to apply Ton's legal expertise in a targeted manner.'
Marcel Oerlemans, financial director of Eurofins NSC Netherlands B.V.

'Ton provided legal assistance on various cases, mainly in lease disputes and a shareholders' dispute. I always come back to Tom because of his ability to see the bigger picture and focus on his client's best interests. He manages to strike the right balance between forcefully making a point and taking a more cautious approach where necessary. Despite having all necessary expert knowledge and standing his ground, he is always personable, but he doesn't shy away from legal confrontations where necessary.'
Roderick de la Houssaye, managing director of Van Uden Food en Beverage Express B.V.

  • Dutch Association for Procedural Law
  • Corporate Litigation Association

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