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  • Corporate Governance & Housekeeping
  • Mergers, acquisitions & restructuring

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Tom can offer assistance in the following areas:
  • Mergers & acquisitions (private equity)
  • Restructuring projects
  • Corporate law
  • Shareholder alliances (such as participation, joint venture and shareholders' agreements)
Recent cases handled by Tom

Strategic acquisitions in investment companies
Tom regularly supervises a Dutch investment company during acquisitions aimed at expanding and strengthening their portfolio. Tom works with the investment company to determine the most suitable type of legal advice for each acquisition on a case-by-case basis. This generally yields recommendations on the statement of intent, legal due diligence investigation, preparation and negotiation of the transaction documents and finalisation of the transaction at the civil-law notary.

Purchase of Dutch machine manufacturer on behalf of Australian family business
Tom assisted Australian family business TNA Australia PTY ltd during the acquisition of Florigo International, a Dutch manufacturer of machines for the potato processing industry. After having coordinated the due diligence investigation and conducted negotiations, Tom prepared the necessary transaction documents, including the purchase agreement.

Sale of technical secondment agency Isoper to Humares Groep
Tom supervised the company's directors/majority shareholders during the sale of technical secondment agency Isoper. This mainly consisted of helping to prepare the company for sale, supervising meetings with the buyer and preparing and negotiating the purchase agreement and other transaction documents.

Client testimonials

‘Our cooperation with Tom van Dijk is characterised by his drive, and his ability to see things from the client's perspective. As a lawyer, Tom really goes the extra mile to put himself in your shoes and always goes for the best possible outcome. He assisted us during two acquisitions and managed to achieve a highly satisfactory outcome in both cases thanks to his effective, driven and thorough approach. Tom is one of those lawyers that gives you the feeling you're glad he's on your side rather than working for the other party.’
Gert Ambachtsheer, Venturion

  • Specialised Corporate and Business Law programme at the Grotius Academy (graduated with cum laude distinction)
  • M&A aan de Maas
  • Netherlands Bar Association Examinations Board

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