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Sander can offer assistance in the following areas:
  • Advice on lease agreements
  • Handling of estates
  • Alimony and access issues
  • Divorces and separation of property
Recent cases handled by Sander

Extrajudicial dissolution of lease agreement
Sander conducted proceedings against a landlord on behalf of a nationwide car dealership. Constructional issues in the leased premises disrupted the quiet enjoyment under the lease. The car dealership then decided to initiate extrajudicial proceedings to dissolve the lease agreement. Sander successfully petitioned the subdistrict court to rule in his client's favour. The landlord then filed an appeal. Although it can prove difficult for lessees to dissolve lease agreements on the basis of the model applied by the Real Estate Council of the Netherlands (ROZ), Sander managed to secure another ruling in his client's favour.

Divorce proceedings on behalf of shareholder married in community of property
Sander advised a shareholder married in community of property during his divorce proceedings. The shares had to be valued and this value was to be distributed between the client and his former partner. However, the company had insufficient liquid resources. Working in consultation with the auditor and tax specialist, Sander then devised an arrangement that allowed for both the divorce proceedings and the company's operations to continue.

Client testimonials

'Sander helped me finalise my divorce. The divorce proceedings were difficult, partly due to the situation at my own company. With broad knowledge in various areas (family law and company law), Sander van Luijk of DVAN was ideally suited to assist me in the process. As a member of the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators, Sander made a clear effort to apply the association's principles during the case, which definitely benefited my divorce proceedings.'
Gerben Schouten, managing director of Schouten Sorting Equipment

'Sander helped me and my ex wife get through an extremely difficult divorce. His thorough approach, honesty and capacity to see things from both parties' perspectives helped ensure a smooth process and an outcome that was advantageous to all. Sander's approach is characterised by his determination and diligence. He has a winning personality that allows him to get to the heart of the most complex situations and resolve them effectively. I'm very grateful to him, both personally and professionally.'
Rob Cornelisse, managing director Slim 2.0

  • Specialised Family Law Programme
  • Divorce Mediation Programme
  • Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators
  • Association for Family Law and Juvenile Law

Sander regularly holds training programmes and courses for colleagues.

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