Intellectual property

Every business has a trade name. However, some companies are more commercially dependent on this name than others. No matter what your situation is, you will need to effectively protect your business's name. Intellectual property rights allow you to do just that. More importantly, the effective application of intellectual property rights serves to protect your key assets or those of your company. This extends to products, brands, designs, photos, advertising campaigns, websites, inventions and innovations. It is important to protect the ideas and products you develop and use against misuse by others. 

Registration, commercial exploitation & protection
The IP lawyers at DVAN can offer advice on the registration & protection of your intellectual property rights. We can help you with questions such as: ‘Where do I register my designs?’ and ‘How can I protect my designs?’. Our lawyers can also help you with any questions regarding the commercial exploitation of your IP rights. Such as: ‘To what extent will I retain control over the intellectual property rights to my software and will any rights be transferred to my customers?’

Taking action against misuse
Companies frequently encounter infringements of their intellectual property rights. In such situations, it is always crucial to take action as quickly as possible. DVAN will initially strive to resolve these matters in mutual consultation. If this proves impossible, the case will be brought before the court. Interlocutory proceedings are often initiated in order to achieve rapid results and limit damages. The lawyers at DVAN will consult with you to determine the most appropriate strategy and take action against the infringing party in a rapid and cost-efficient manner.

Intellectual property rights (IP rights) consist of various components. These include copyright, the related field of portrait rights, trademark rights and design rights.

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