Commercial law

Doing business is all about getting and taking opportunities. This requires both a willingness to take risks, and the ability to limit them to an acceptable level. Commercial law centres around business transactions. As an entrepreneur, you have your own unique strategy for achieving commercial targets. However, all your actions are bound by both national and international laws and regulations.

Marco Balhuizen, commercial lawyer & partner: ‘Our advice is always based on good business sense. Your intentions and interests – and thus your business – always come first. We will explore all the possible options within the framework of applicable legislation and regulations.'

Commercial and trade contracts
Making agreements with your clients, suppliers and commercial partners requires a tailored approach and clarity of wording. The commercial lawyers at DVAN will ensure that your intentions are reflected clearly in your documents, because we understand that clear records of an agreement help reduce the likelihood of disputes.

Disputes & Proceedings
We always strive to avoid legal proceedings, which tend to be both time-consuming and costly. Unfortunately, they can be unavoidable under certain circumstances. In these cases, you can rest assured in the knowledge that we are there to support you. The lawyers at DVAN specialise in litigating national and international trade contracts.

International trade
The world is globalising, and the Internet is causing international borders to blur. As a consequence, Dutch businesses are increasingly affected by international legislation. Despite growing efforts to harmonise European legislation, key differences remain and uniform regulations are not always consistently applied.

The lawyers at DVAN can offer clear, practical advice on every aspect of commercial law from the perspective of your business and commercial interests. Read more about typical commercial law subjects and issues.