Mergers, acquisitions & restructuring

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You are seeking to restructure your business. You pursue a growth strategy, and aim to divest or terminate existing activities. The decision to restructure, acquire or divest a company, enter into mergers or other forms of collaboration can be prompted by any number of reasons.  A merger, acquisition, restructuring effort or new alliance requires thorough preparation. In many cases, this will involve an intensive process that requires rapid decision-making under high pressure. The lawyers at DVAN can offer clear, practical advice on the legal implications of these decisions. They will work with you to determine the most effective approach.


Risto Larsson, DVAN lawyer & partner: 'We help entrepreneurs develop a compact approach to their restructuring efforts, mergers or acquisitions, while keeping a clear focus on the objective and interests underlying the transaction.'

Business collaborations
Collaboration can take many forms. This includes joint ventures (in the form of an LLC, PLC, cooperative or foundation), shareholder's agreements or contracts (in the form of a general partnership, limited partnership or partnership) or acquisitions or legal mergers (overall cooperation). The appropriate form of collaboration will depend on your wishes and various strategic factors. The lawyers at DVAN will help you find the most appropriate form for your particular situation, freeing you up to focus on the operational structure of the collaboration. DVAN has extensive experience in establishing, supervising and analysing large and small-scale collaborations.

Disputes (post-closing) & procedures
All too often, parties fail to abide by the terms of an acquisition contract, joint venture agreement or shareholders' agreement. In other cases, guarantees may not be airtight, or parties may wish to terminate a collaboration. These cases are referred to as post-closing disputes. If such a situation arises – or is in danger of arising – it is crucial to take action as quickly as possible. Which steps can you take? Is there anything you can still do to enforce compliance? Our lawyers will offer advice on the available options and discuss the various procedures if necessary.

Efficient & result-oriented guidance
DVAN is a full-service office and has all the necessary capacity to compose an optimal team for any transaction. Each year, we supervise dozens of processes, often in close collaboration with other experts such as tax specialists and financial advisers. DVAN can act as an effective legal sparring partner and achieve pragmatic and deal-oriented outcomes while looking beyond the legal aspects alone. 

Our approach helps you save time, money and unnecessary debate.

DVAN's merger and acquisition lawyers do things differently. We take a compact approach to the negotiation process, and strive to avoid problems instead of solving them. A few head-to-head sessions in the early phases can help eliminate many potential points of contention.

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