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Erwin can offer assistance in the following areas:
  • Special clauses such as non-competition clauses and non-solicitation clauses
  • Individual and collective redundancies (reorganisations)
  • International employment law
  • Directors & senior management
Recent cases handled by Erwin

Reorganisation at telecommunications company
Erwin advised a major European telecommunications company, offering guidance during several major reorganisations and restructuring efforts in the Netherlands. Amongst other aspects, he was responsible for preparing a request for advice to the Works Council and negotiating the social plan with the various unions on behalf of the company. He also supervised negotiations during disputes with individual employees.

Interlocutory proceedings on behalf of independent administrative body
Working on behalf of one of the largest independent administrative bodies in the Netherlands, Erwin instituted interlocutory proceedings against two former employees who, despite proposals by the client, were seeking to collect lump-sum payments through a collection agency following their dismissal  The interlocutory proceedings were successful, and the client was not required to pay out the lump sum claims to the former employees.

Advice for employee during labour dispute and dismissal
An employee at one of the largest security companies in the Netherlands became embroiled in a dispute with his employer regarding his position and work location. Erwin filed a request for dissolution with the subdistrict court judge on his behalf and initiated interlocutory proceedings. The subdistrict court ruled in the employee's favour in both cases, and ordered the employer to compensate the employee in the form of a considerable dissolution payment.

Client testimonials

During my previous times as HR Director for Phone House in the Netherlands, I had contact with Erwin Zondervan of DVAN, the law firm of Phone House. Erwin and his colleagues have been always supportive. They answer quite quickly and they were always concerned with the best solutions for our questions and issues. I’ve always felt that they care about our company and they were always available (even in short-time). I really appreciate their hard work and commitment.
Sonia Rodrigues

  • Member of advisory committee at Sociale Begeleiding Syndion

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