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arjen can offer assistance in the following areas
  • Shareholder disputes and corporate disputes
  • Attachment and execution law
  • Director's and officer's liabilities
  • Financing en securities
  • Insolvency law (bankruptcy law)
  • National and international trade disputes
recent cases handled by arjen

Interlocutory proceedings
Arjen conducted interlocutory proceedings on behalf of a client who uses specific software. The client's business would not be able to operate without this software. When the licence was suddenly and unexpectedly revoked, the client faced an urgent problem. There was no immediately available replacement software, and the implementation process takes time. Interlocutory proceedings were initiated, and the parties were in court within a period of three days. The judge determined that the software should remain at the client's disposal.

Thwarted decision-making process
Arjen assisted an internationally operating offshore company during a shareholders' dispute. A minority shareholder was blocking the decision-making process, thwarting a major opportunity for growth. Arjen moved to initiate legal proceedings. However, the proceedings eventually proved to be unnecessary as the shareholder climbed down. 

A majority shareholder of an international trading company called in Arjen's assistance. Our client suspected the company's director was putting his own personal interests ahead of the company's. A forensic investigation agency was brought in, evidence was confiscated and proceedings on the merits of the case were initiated on the basis of the results.

client testimonials

For me personally, working with DVAN means working with Arjen, not mr. Gabel. I really appreciate being able to relate to the people I work with on a personal level rather than a merely legal one. We've managed to build up a pleasant working relationship over the course of many years. Arjen doesn't merely climb mountains; he also reaches the peaks of some pretty high stacks of files. Thanks to his extensive experience, he's also thorough and competent and – last but not least – has excellent writing skills. He has his emotions under control and doesn't respond too impulsively, which also contributes to a positive end result.

Pierre Karsten, owner of Toppot, Radio Decibel and Boomerang

Unfortunately, I have to bring in DVAN's legal services every now and then. When I do, Arjen always makes sure the issues are handled quickly and effectively, and gets the results I want. His expert advice and methods really help to put you at ease and free you up to get on with your business. He always knows exactly which colleagues to bring in in order get the case resolved. I especially appreciate Arjen's honesty and directness. If I'm wrong, he doesn't beat around the bush and simply tells me, saving a lot of time, effort, frustration and money in the process. An excellent counsel, in other words!

Patrick Janssen, director/majority shareholder of Holland Evenementen Groep​

I've worked with Arjen on various cases. It's safe to say you're in good hands when he's on board. His personality and communication skills give you that sense from the first moment you meet him. He offers you all the space you need to explain your side of the story without immediately getting into all sorts of scenarios, and asks all the right questions. His calm approach really puts your mind at ease, which can be extremely valuable in stressful situations. Arjen also has the rare ability to remain 100% involved while being able to step back and oversee the bigger picture. If the situation is in danger of veering off in unexpected directions, he always responds adequately and finds a suitable solution. His advice has always proved to be of value. If I have a legal problem, I don't just call a lawyer: I call Arjen Gabel.

Jolanda Moet FA, owner of Administratie Bureau Overmars​


  • Insolvency law for administrators - CPO Radboud University Nijmegen


  • Dutch Lawyers Association
  • Dutch Association for Procedural Law

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