Family law

Family law frequently touches on far-reaching, emotional issues such as divorce and the termination of registered partnerships. However, it also covers a broader scope of issues such as custody, parental authority, right of name, adoption and inheritance. The family law specialists at DVAN also handle prenuptial agreements, arrange the distribution of assets and pension equalisation and set alimony amounts and durations on behalf of our business clients.

We have various methods at our disposal to help you with any issues you may be encountering. Our family lawyers will offer advice on the most suitable approach based on your own individual situation.

Mediation is often to be preferred over legal proceedings, which tend to be lengthy and costly. The lawyers/mediators at DVAN have extensive experience in mediation processes, and can frequently resolve issues without any need for litigation. Mediation is a form of conflict management, whereby the mediator works with the parties involved to resolve the problem. The solution must be acceptable to all parties. A mediator is independent, and refrains from making any judgement on the issue at hand.

Collaborative divorce
Collaborative divorce occupies the middle ground between mediation and litigation. Both partners bring their own lawyer to the table and work together to find a mutually satisfactory solution without actually initiating legal proceedings. All meetings are thus attended by two lawyers representing their own clients' interests, rather than a single mediator. This approach helps to save both time and money.

In some cases, the parties' interests are impossible to reconcile and emotions flare up to a point where intervention by the court is inevitable. Legal proceedings can then be initiated.

Sander van Luijk, family law specialist: ‘Family law often touches on far-reaching, emotional issues. That's why a personal approach is so crucial. We focus on the business aspects, but without losing sight of your emotions.'

Family law and entrepreneurship
When it comes to entrepreneurs, divorce proceedings require additional attention: they involve different interests than a 'regular' separation. After all, the continuity of the business has to be safeguarded. Amongst other aspects, these cases can be affected by the current account relationship, the question as to whether a real income has been earned, whether there is any potential for dividend payments, the value of the enterprise and the extent to which this value will be affected by pension equalisation. Our lawyers have assisted a large number of entrepreneurs in family law issues over the past years. They are aware that any decisions in this area will have an impact on your next of kin, such as your children and partner, as well as on your future. These situations are inevitably complex, as your company also factors into the equation. We will work with you to weigh the various interests and provide insight into the legal implications of your choices.

Providing advice from start to finish
Advice from a civil-law notary can be the decisive factor. This is why the lawyers at DVAN work in close collaboration with civil-law notaries. Auditors and/or tax specialists are also frequently involved in the process. This enables us to offer you advice and guidance from the start of the process to its very end. Read more about typical family law subjects and issues.

DVAN's family law specialists are full members of the Association of Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators (VFAS).